Services Offered

If you're an entrepreneur or small business, I'm here for you. Whether it's website design, marketing strategy, SEO, branding, or photography, my #1 goal as your marketing consultant is to help you reach your goals. If you need something I don't offer, I'll have one of my many contacts jump in on your project. Although I'm currently based in Los Angeles, we live in a digital world. Let's coordinate those time zones and get this thing done over the phone and via e-mail.



I design simple, organized, user-friendly websites on Squarespace. Website design projects typically take 2-8 weeks to complete. If you're there to give me feedback and provide me with the content I need, it will be closer to 2-4 weeks. Projects typically range from $750-$2,500, depending on scope. If your budget is bigger or you need something more custom, I'm happy to suggest another designer or studio.

All projects come with copywriting services, on-site SEO, asset creation (such as a pricing PDF), back-end training, and assistance after launch.

As your website designer, I work at your pace and adapt to your style. If you like to be totally hands-on, let's get into it. We'll schedule meetings or calls at least once a week to check-in, and I'll present multiple options for you and seek feedback often (see an example design presentation below). If you just want an awesome website to magically appear with minimal input, I got you.



My entire career has been in marketing in Los Angeles, and I'm currently getting a Masters in Marketing at USC. Marketing strategy is where we can really get creative and have some fun figuring out how to grow, pivot, or launch your business.

As your marketing consultant and strategist, I'll research your industry, conduct a competitor analysis, do marketing research, identify problems, and come up with creative solutions. I often work with other Masters students in this phase (in fact, we prefer to work together).

When I'm done, you'll receive a presentation much like the one below, which won a "best practice" award in a Marketing Management class at USC. This PDF is an integrated strategic marketing plan on J.Crew, covering everything from the supply chain to a missing mobile app (which I designed, of course). 



The main objective behind a branding project for your small business is to define (or re-define) your brand's personality. We need to give it life: what does it look like, what does it stand for, and why should you care?

I'll work with you to define your brand step-by-step, making sure everything aligns with your overall business goals. Small business branding projects typically take between 2-6 weeks. See below for an example branding PDF for my photography client Viki Sears.



If you need a headshot for your new website, photos of your products, or shots of your location, I have you covered. Just let me know what you need, and I'll shoot you a price based on scope of work.